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Water Damage Restoration Tips: Everyone Should Know

Water Damage Restoration


The in-book definition of water damage describes it as a loss of property because of water intrusion where it will allow the corrosion of said material. Water damage can happen if you have leaking pipes or bad plumbing work inside your house. Leaks can seep into the wood, cement, and even electronic equipment. Water damage is a very destructive process that causes the rotting of wood, growth of molds, bacteria infestations, steel rusting, swelling in woods, and even delamination of certain doors. The damage itself can look small, such as a water spot, but can eat away a surface easily. Sometimes, they can also be instant and catastrophic, such as flooding because of pipe bursts. However, the pace of water damage is a major contributor to the loss in value of the property. Individual restoration projects are possible, but they cost a significant amount, depending upon the severity of damage and resources in the application. The size of your home can also significantly affect the cost of water damage repair, as intricate places can be critical to reach or may require extra attention. Finding damages in your home is also a significant chore to do alone, so it is better to hire our professional plumbers who have expertise in this subject.

What is Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage restoration is a customizable service that removes damage on walls and doors because of water and restores the material to a condition it was before the event. You should always get water damage restoration services from experts as soon as you notice the damage in your house, including fixing leaks. Underlying leaks and moisture in the water spots on walls are the perfect places for fungal and bacterial infestations. These infestations can cause some severe diseases to your body if you don’t attend to them quickly. Water damage restoration is not always easy and can depend on the severity of leaks inside the walls. If the furniture inside your home is porous and absorbing water from leaks, the restoration process can get even more complex. Water damage also comes in different categories, depending on the infestation which is taking place near leaky pipes. The main goal is not to leave a single unseen spot; otherwise, the infestation can quickly come back to life. Our professional plumbers use special equipment that helps them find these damaged spots quickly.

Who Can Perform Professional Water Damage Restoration?

Licensed Plumbers -Plumbing Line Inspection and Restoration per codes and standards

Licensed plumbers possess the necessary knowledge about the current California plumbing code and are based on the Uniform Plumbing Code by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials. The county of Los Angeles Department of Public Works is the body that defines California Plumbing Codes. Every home in California has to abide by these plumbing rules, and regular inspections by licensed plumbers are essential.

Certified Members of IICRC – Property Restoration (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification)

 IICRC is an abbreviation for Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. This institute is a non-profit organization body that dedicates itself to assisting and improving the cleaning industry. This institute is known globally for teaching aspirants all essential cleaning and restoration courses. The institute was previously known as the International Institute of Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Inc, or IACUC, which was first founded in 1972.

IICRC Certified Mold Remediation Technicians for Mold Detection and Removal

IICRC also teaches mold remediation and removal to aspirants with a certification. The institute conducts its own set of research into mold removal, and so it is the best way to know if the plumbing professional has reliable skills and knowledge. Plumbing professionals who have IICRC certification can provide you reliable mold remediation services along with an informative bill describing every detail you spend money for.

Licensed Electricians – Electrical Repairs and Restoration

Pipe leaks and bursts can also cause severe damage to the electrical equipment in your home. Sometimes these problems can be catastrophic and can cause shocks. The best way to deal with this issue is to hire licensed electricians who can restore your electronic equipment to the state before the damage.

EPA Certified HVAC Technicians

HVAC System Restoration  The Environmental Protection Agency certification is a requirement for all HVAC technicians who run a registered business. Every technician that works with refrigerants should have a Section 608 Technician certification. EPA certificates come in four different types, and they define the training of technicians with certain equipment. It takes time for aspirants to prepare and appear for this examination, as they are not very easy to take care of. So, you can rely on our EPA-certified professionals.

Effective Water Damage Restoration Tips

Tip #1: Prevent Water Damage From Happening – You Can Do That Most Times – Here’s HowInstalling Water Leak Detection System:

 A water leak detection system monitors the flow of water through your home pipelines. When the system detects any abnormal behavior in the pipes, it automatically cuts off the flow of water, protecting your house from any damage. 

Installing Water Shut-off Valves: 

Water shut-off valves reside near plumbing connection lines to sinks and toilets. These valves isolate the flow of water and contain any leaks before they destroy the walls and appliances in your home. A lot of homes fail to shut off valves and that can worsen the damage on walls due to water leak over the period of time. 

Not Ignoring Any Kind Of Leaks:

 A lot of people ignore leaks inside their home and stall the repair sessions by plumbers, thinking the leak will just disappear. But that is not how it works; leaks can ruin the walls and create harmful diseases if you ignore them. 


Waterproofing is the method of making any object or structure water-resistant. This process mostly takes place on the walls of rooms that witness a lot of moisture flow. Basements, kitchens, and bathrooms are usually the most necessary rooms where you should avail waterproofing. 

Scheduled Plumbing Inspection Once or Twice a Year: 

California has some very strict rules which define how every house should have plumbing works in them. Abiding by these rules is necessary for every citizen who resides in the state. Henceforth, a regular plumbing inspection is essential for every person living here. To schedule plumbing inspections from skilled plumbers, call now! 

Tip #2: Take Immediate Preventive Measures When Water Leaks and Interior Flooding StartsShut Off The Main Water Valve, If Practical If you experience a pipe burst and have water flowing into your room, the first thing you should do is cut off the main supply of water and power to the room. Water leaks get worse with time if you do not stop the flow, and so it is better to shut off the main valve as well. Do Not Enter Flooded Basements Or Rooms Before Checking Electrocution Risks You should always check a room for exposed wires and hide them in a dry place to make sure they do not come in contact with moisture. If you think a room might have electrocution risks, check for any exposed wires around the leak before stepping inside. Unplug All Electrical / Electronic Appliances Before Water Gets Into Them  Running equipment takes extensive damage from leaks if you do not attend to them quickly. Try unplugging every piece of equipment in the room after you turn off the main water supply. Appliances in a cluster that do not only pose a threat to themselves but also to you, whenever you enter the room. Remove Surface Water By Mopping Or Sponging Mopping and sponging are the easiest way of removing the water sipping into your room unless it's too much. You should do this step after you shut off the main water pipeline. By practicing this, you will save your floor and furniture from a lot of severe damage. Check And Remove Wet Materials Wet materials which absorb moisture and keep them inside can do a lot of damage to any surface to which they are attached. It is better to remove them and let them dry in a warm place. You can re-apply them on your appliance or walls after they are completely dry, for example, carpets. Check and Remove Wooden and Porous Material From Flooded Rooms Wooden and porous materials can absorb water and retain them for a long time. A lot of houses have wooden furniture, and they can certainly absorb a lot of moisture if exposed. The moisture can create a lot of harmful micro-organism infestations that can eat away the furniture at a fast pace. Tip #3: Call an Emergency Plumber Immediately in These ScenariosPipe Bursts Pipe bursts are the most prominent and risky mishap which is found inside almost every home now and then. It is better to call a professional plumbing service that can help you resolve the leak before the damage gets worse. Flooding Caused by Laundry Line Issue Laundry line leaks rarely happen, but they can be a major cause of small-scale interior flooding. The water from your laundry machine can spill inside your home, posing a damage threat and also electrocution. You should turn off the water valve to your laundry machine and can get services from our professionals to fix the problem. Dishwasher Malfunction or Sink Overflow If your sink has blockages inside the drain, the water might stop flowing through. Having this issue can create severe issues like flooding and even pipe bursts. You should always contact professional cleaning services to resolve the blockage and clear the flooding. Hot Water Tank Leak Hot water tank leaks can be very severe at times and can lead to water leaking outside the pool and bottom of the tank. It happens because of internal issues, and sometimes building of sediment can worsen the problem. Sewage Backflow or Sewer Pipe Damage Sewer backflow happens as a result of backpressure. And a sudden reduction in the water pressure of the potable water line gives rise to the backflow of your sewage pipe. When water pressure decreases from the system at one point, water starts flowing back into the nearby open points in the water grid. Bathroom System or Toilet Overflow  Toilet overflow is a prominent plumbing mishap that occurs when someone flushes un-flushable materials down the toilet. You should generally refrain from flushing insoluble things down. But if you face a backflow, immediately call professional plumbing services to prevent things from getting worse. Other Plumbing Emergencies:  The freezing and bursting of pipes is a normal issue during the winter season which needs immediate attention. Under-slab foundation leaks can also create a lot of damage if you ignore them and are hard to detect. If you feel the pressure of your pipes falling, you should call us for a plumbing inspection. Tip #4: Hire A Certified Water Damage Restoration Technician Basement Flooding Basements often have a lot of pipelines that transport water to the appliances in your house. If they burst, it can lead to flooding and electrocution risks. So, you should hire our certified technicians to help you get your basement to a condition it was before the flooding. Room and Interior Flooding Interior flooding also happens because of burst pipes during winter, when they freeze. If your interior is getting water damage, you should first turn off the main water valve and contact the EZ Flood Restoration technician to stop any infestations which might happen. For Sewage or Contaminated Water Cleanup Sewage cleanup is essential to keep things running well, or your drain pipes might block and leak. If your drain pipes are leaking under the slab and need cleanup, you should hire a water damage restoration technician. For Structural and Other Property Repairs Property damage because of leaks inside walls is also significantly common in the current world. A lot of such issues happen because of irregular pressure in the pipes. You should get advice from a professional plumber and hire water damage restoration teams to clean the damage on the walls. For Mold Detection and Remediation Mold detection and remediation are essential if the walls in your home are already absorbing a lot of water damage every day, making the growth of mold fast. These molds can cause serious health hazards if you ignore them, so you should get mold remediation to save yourself from complications. Complete Dry-down, Dehumidification, and Sanitization – Surfaces, Content, and Other Areas Dry down and dehumidification is a method of removing underlying moisture from porous materials. Wood floorings require dehumidification if there is a major leak, else they will start to rot. Tip #5: Handle Insurance With CareIf you have an insurance policy for water damage and mold restoration – call your insurance company immediately Your home insurance can aid you a lot in an expensive process like water damage restoration. The whole process consumes a lot of resources, so it is better to let the insurance company handle the financial complications that come with it. For assessment, inspection, and correct steps – consult with EZ Flood Restoration, a reliable water damage restoration company that helps with insurance Our water damage technicians possess IICRC certification which is a verification of the skills of the technician. Also, our hiring damage restoration officials have sufficient experience and expertise with their job and will always get you better results in comparison to doing a minimal assessment.


Water damage can happen because of numerous reasons, but it can be critical for your home. Water damage can be the breeding ground for numerous illnesses and also cause a lot of property damage. You can prevent the risks which come with water damage by taking action righteously. Other than that, getting water damage restoration is also a way of achieving a wall free of infestation. Water damage restoration does cost a significant amount if you ignore it for a long time. So, it is better to act on the issue as soon as possible. If you ignore the damage, it will keep getting worse with time and might even spread to the entire wall. Hence, the first thing you should do is take action on the leaks to ensure they do not worsen the issue. EZ Flood Restoration services are available all around California with a good pace of action to any emergency issues. There is no reason to wait and watch the matter getting worse with time. It's best to call our professional plumber and water damage technician for any damage your house might have.

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