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What Should You Do First: Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling?

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Are you looking forward to renovating your home as you have lived there for almost a decade? But confused about whether to redesign the kitchen layout first or a bathroom? If yes, then you have reached the right place through this blog; we will help you to make the best decision so that renovation will not make a hole in your pocket.

Well, in this regard you can say that most people want to go for both as it will change how you live at home. On the other hand, many of us don’t have much time and have a tight budget in order to renovate both of them as they need a hefty amount of money to make them attractive.

You might take up the bathroom on your list; then it will also win as the bathroom will look luxurious and will soothe the body and soul by which your money will be worth the investment. But before you make the final decision, consider the factors below, which will help you make a better decision.

So, let’s get started: –

A solid gold investment

It is true that galley kitchen renovation will take more investment as compared to the bathroom due to size and various other things. The size of the kitchen is always significant but remodeling it will offer better returns as people spend a lot of time in the kitchen. On the other hand, if you also take care of home remodeling, like upgrading to new electrical appliances, updating lighting, fixtures, re-painting, etc., you will get better resale value for your home.

Sense of urgency

When the point is to decide whether to renovate the kitchen and bathroom San Diego, then a sense of urgency plays an essential role while making your decision. For example, if you have a bathroom that is too small for your family, it is always a constant source of frustration and might need attention first. Your kitchen might not be in an urgent need of repairs or renovation.

In this scenario, if you go for the bathroom, it will be a good decision as it will offer your family peace of mind, and there will be no conflict. So, consider urgency while deciding, as it will make your life happy.

Budget matters a lot

If you talk about the cost of a bathroom and kitchen, it varies due to various reasons. However, both will indeed offer significant value, but in this, your budget matters a lot. So, if both of them are asking for renovation, then you must go for both, taking cost-effective minor renovation and just focusing on some essential changes.

That means taking the wise decision of kitchen and bath to remodel in San Diego, keeping your budget in mind.

Keep it simple and easy

Whether changing a small thing in the kitchen or bathroom or something significant, it will surely disrupt your life. That means, if you take up the kitchen for renovation, surely you will face many issues in adjustment as the kitchen will not be in use for some time.

Moreover, if you decide to renovate the bathroom in San Diego, then you have to look for another place to stay while the work gets completed. So, both kitchen and bath remodel need serious consideration to make the best decision.

Current use

Apart from all other things, the time you spend in one place will help you make the renovation decision. You might consider kitchen remodeling ideas if the kitchen is the space that will make a huge difference to your routine life.

On the other hand, if you are living alone, then the idea of renovating the bathroom will not work as it is not essential.

On top of that, if there is a lack of functionality in both of them, negatively impacting your life, then you must go for both so that you can live with peace of mind.

Keep your standards high

Besides considering how much time you spend in the kitchen or bathroom, you also consider what type of guests you receive or see when they enter your home. The first look when people enter your home is your kitchen, as bathroom doors are always shut. So, in that case, taking up the kitchen is an excellent decision for yourself or if you are planning to sell your home.

Tips for renovating kitchen and bathroom

Both the kitchen and bathroom are essential parts of your home. Due to this reason, the renovation of both of these is quite tricky as there are various things which you have to decide upon. For example, deciding on a backsplash, faucets, the color of the paint, and many more. So, to make your space attractive and elegant, let’s discuss some of the tips which will help you to make the place the best.

Know your area

Whether expanding your kitchen or renovating an existing one, it is essential to look for style, shade, and design in your home. That means if your home is country-style, you must go for an ultra-modern kitchen that will look appealing.

On the other hand, the same idea goes for the bathroom as an ultra-modern bathroom will also increase the home’s value.

Always go for appealing yet functioning fixtures

Everyone wants their bathroom and kitchen to look wonderful and attractive at first sight. That’s why it is vital to consider quality, best working fixtures which will last for many years and are also reliable.

Create a remodel checklist

If you do this step, it will help you to make your space the best and look like you are visiting any showroom. There are many things that you must look for and decide on while planning a renovation process.

Visit a showroom

Once you have decided what type of cabinets and drawers you go for in the kitchen and bathroom, it’s the best time to visit the showroom to look for designs and talk to an expert. But ensure to remain within your budget; otherwise, the renovation part will make a hole in your pocket.

The bottom line

If your doubts are now clear about whether you take up kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation first, start looking for bathroom or kitchen remodeling ideas. If you plan to remodel on a budget, then look for low-cost but innovative options. An EZ contractor can help you choose the best layouts and designs based on your budget.

Hiring an expert contractor who can work on your budget will help you best utilize your hard-earned money, and your home will look appealing.

EZ Flood Restoration USA is one of the best renovation companies that is serving the people of San Diego, Riverside County, and Orange County. We bring vast experience for you so that you can get incredible craftsmanship and fully customized designs to make your place the best. In short, we turn your ideas into reality, helping you to live a happy and peaceful life with all the desired facilities.

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